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Alpha Internet Systems, Incorporated (AIS) is a provider of public Internet installations for city governments. Our goal is to provide no-nonsense, pre-formatted, but customizable, website systems that allow our client cities to cost-effectively maximize the benefit of their use of the web as a customer service tool for their constituency. To this end, our sites utilize our copyrighted City Hall Online(tm) system as the underlying organizational structure. This system is designed to minimize user/technology interaction, thereby allowing the client to concentrate on the authoring, assembly, and editing of the content for their web installations.

Alpha Internet Systems was founded in April of 1995 by two professional organizations that were collaborating on the preparation and publication of a city's General Plan. These organizations were D'Amico & Associates, Incorporated, a city planning, redevelopment and economic development consulting firm with thirty years of local government administration experience and a desktop publishing company named Thundermoon Graphics. As the effort progressed, it became evident that the resulting digitized document would be a candidate for publication on the Internet. Upon succeeding in this effort the two firms resolved to embark upon an expansion of the concept to include the organization of virtually all city government operations on the Internet. This effort was to evolve into Alpha Internet Systems' flagship site implementation tool City Hall Online(tm).

As word of the City Hall Online(tm) system traveled through the community of local government professionals, the demand for it became apparent. In response, the partnership reorganized in order to insure that the City Hall Online(tm) system would be completed with benefit of the guidance of an extensive team of experienced government administration, municipal law and computer science professionals.

As a result, Alpha Internet Systems was incorporated in January, 1996 and the new organization purchased the City Hall Online copyright. Michael D'Amico assumed the office of Chief Executive Officer and proceeded to assemble a knowledgeable and experienced team of operating officers. The members of this team include eminent professionals in business, public administration and computer science.

Thank you for taking the time to allow us to introduce you to Alpha Cities.